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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Dubai

FML at A4M with Life Length


Telomere Analysis Technology 

FML is now working together with Life Length® in Madrid, Spain, the world leader in telomere diagnostics. They are the only company able to measure the percentage of short telomeres in individual cells. Telomeres are protective structures on the tips of chromosomes that shorten as people age (Nobel Prize 2009 for the discovery of "how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase”). Telomeres are known to respond well to a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, regular exercise, free from constant heavy stress). Various studies have shown that shorter telomeres are closely related with the onset of cardiovascular and age-related diseases. It is possible to slow down or stabilize/reverse the process of telomere shortening by making changes to one’s current lifestyle.

Telomeres are considered the best predictors of a person's biological age. They are molecular markers for aging - the more short telomeres you have, the biologically "older" you are. The percentage of short telomeres is the relevant indicator of cellular aging, rather than the mean telomere length of all telomeres in a cell. Q-FISH is the most precise method to measure telomeres. Testing requires a simple blood test - no fasting or special preparations necessary. The results are ready within a few weeks.


FML at A4M with Life Length

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