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Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing and Panels

Genetic testing is most often done to confirm the diagnosis of a syndrome or a disease that might be caused by genetic alteration.

These genetic changes can either be hereditary or occur de novo (for the first time). Often, in cases of hereditary genetic alterations, the syndrome/symptoms are known in the family and one or more relatives may have previously been diagnosed with this genetic change. Genetic testing allows the patient to confirm his/her diagnosis. In cases of de novo genetic alterations, the genetic changes are not passed down by the parents, but are present for the first time in the patient. Usually, in these cases, the doctor/geneticist will suspect a syndrome based on the symptoms and other tests, and order the genetic test for confirmation.

Genetic panel means that several genes known to be associated with a certain syndrome are sequenced simultaneously. Depending on the syndrome/symptoms, the number of associated genes may vary. Thus, the panels have varying numbers of genes included. This approach is most often used if the syndrome/symptoms are not known in the family and do not point to one specific syndrome. In a genetic panel, many genes involved in specific or unspecific symptoms, can be tested at once.

All kinds of genetic testing are available upon request. Please send us an email with the name of the syndrome/disorder or gene and we will send you the details (price, TAT, additional info) of the required test.

We also offer genetic panels by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) for various syndromes/disorders. Please send us an email with clinical details and we will send you the available options.

Sample Reports:

Download BRCA 1&2

Download Epilepsy Panel

Download Lactase Deficiency Genetic Test

Download Myopathy Panel 

Download SLC2A1 Gene Sequencing 

Download FISH tris21 Test report



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