Medical Advertisement Ministry of Health Appl.No. CB62039 – valid upto 12.06.2019



Gastrointestinal Pathogens Multiplex Panel Testing Click to download
Respiratory Virus Multiplex Panel Testing Click to download
Testosterone Test Update Click to download
Obesity - Nutrition - Genetics Click to download
Aldosterone-to-Renin Ratio Update Click to download
Cystic Fibrosis Testing Click to download
Routine Newborn Screening, Testing the Newborn Inherited Metabolic Disorders Update August 2015 Click to download
Ovarian Markers – Potentials and Limitations in the Medical Laboratory Click to download
Analysis of Lymphocytes in Recurrent Miscarriage and Unsuccessful Implantation Click to download
First trimester screening versus non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) Click to download
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